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Welcome to DeSeay

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Crafted vs. Made

All DeSeay designs are original patterns cut from local, 100% fair trade vegetable tanned hides. They are carefully handcrafted in order to achieve the strongest and also the most beautiful product possible. Whereas your store bought bags, wallets and accessories are likely to have been mass produced and assembled in a factory setting, DeSeay products have been given life in a small workshop.

The holes for stitching are punched one by one, then stain and edge paint are applied by hand. From there, the pattern pieces are assembled and hand stitched. Each item is created in keeping with old school quality craftsmanship while also bringing forward on-trend designs.



DeSeay products are handmade from natural hides and slight imperfections may occur. These imperfections include the natural grain of the leather, texture and colour variations, wrinkles, markings and scars. While DeSeay uses the highest grade leather available, we try to avoid throwing out hides with these imperfections as we believe that these marks add character to the pieces.


Lifetime Guarantee

We think our products are pretty fantastic and we know they’ll last – but if anything does go wrong we’ll fix it for you straight away. Obviously if you go scuba diving with your messenger bag and a jelly fish thefts your buckle or a great white snacks on it, we can’t really help you – but if it is a craft-related repair, simply send it back for some loving.

Examples of craft-related issues covered by the guarantee are:

  • A buckle or rivet could break due to a fractured casting
  • Stitching may become loose in a high strain area

It’s important to understand the guarantee doesn’t cover wear-and-tear or neglect. Leather is a natural product and it will wear. Over time, all leather will incur a patina as it’s used. Regularly using leather-care products will help sustain the condition of your item.

Wherever possible, but at our discretion, we will make repairs free of charge. If we determine that a charge is applicable, we’ll let you know before carrying out any work or adjustment.

Some examples of items not covered by the guarantee:

  • Leaving leather in a damp location and it grows mould
  • Leather being marked by a hungry dog-chewing on it
  • General scratches and marks from usage
  • Loosing your leather item
  • Stain wearing on areas of the item that are heavily used